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Ideas on what to ask.

These are the query samples that you can ask to your psychic astrologer Guru. These are just samples to give you idea on what could be asked.

  • Love and relationship

    1. When will I meet my true love?

    2. Am I going to be in relationship this month?

    3. I am looking for a Soulmate, when will I meet him? Can you describe how he looks?

    4. What should I do right now and in the coming months to ensure that my current relationship move to the next level?

    5. Can you describe the physical and emotional attributes of my future partner?

  • 1. Why did we breakup last year?

    2. Why do I always come back to him?

    3. I started a new relationship with someone but I still think about my ex, what should I do to end this connection?

    4. Is my ex seeing someone now?

    5. Is it possible for me and my ex to be good friends or should I leave him alone?

  • 1. How many times will I meet a compatible potential life partner? Am I meeting one this year?

    2. How compatible I am with my current boyfriend, he was born in …………?

    3. Is there anyone loving me secretly or is interested in me right now?

    4. The guy I like promised to contact me but has not. Should I contact him first or will he contact me?

    5. I felt a connection today with someone new; will it end up into something good?

  • 1. What does the near future hold for me? Any surprises or anything exciting can be expected in my life soon?

    2. What is my real life purpose according to my birth chart?

    3. Which color clothes are best suited for me for my happiness and inner peace?

    4. Everything around me is changing very fast, what should I do to cope up with these rapid changes?

    5. What lifestyle should I choose for my spiritual growth? What practices would you suggest me?


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